The auto industry has of course adopted safer production techniques and safer automobile components over the years with as greater speeds, impacts and the volume of vehicles on the road identified threats to occupant safety.

One of the first and well documented is the evolution of glass used in vehicles-  auto safety glass, or auto laminated glass.


You were redirected to this page because of you interest in a household Tempered glass product being used in Jeep Wrangler/Gladiator hardtops by a company offering glass panoramic views thru the Freedomtop.

Tempered Glass, is and should be a concern to you over your occupant safety.  It is an improvment over regular glass, but in the event of impact (even Minor impact) the glass will immediatly shatter, showering the interior occupants with various sizes of sharp glass shards.    A pain to clean up, costly to repair and injury to occupants from showering glass.

Automotive manufacturers have adopted laminate safety glass but don’t just take our word for it:  Laminate glass reduces the risk of exploding sunroofs 

Then there is the Jeep concern:  Jeep owners are a culture, the vehicles are made to travel off-road, Jeeps do that well and endure harsh structure strains as the frames and bodys traverse uneven grades.  The tempered glass solution from the above reffered to service company is using a product that will NOT handle those stresses and strains well.  So if you go offroading, remember to bring umbrellas for your occupants to protect from showering glass; and pack your shop vac and power inverter.


We reccomend you consider another option:    JeeTops !